About me

  • Using kmxz or kxzkxz7139 as ID.
  • Born in Kunming, a.k.a. the best city in China.
  • Work as a software engineer.
  • Reside in Los Angeles.
  • A sadomasochist.
  • Résumé.


  • My old blog (in Chinese) is archived on
  • I have a new blog, which is only known by friends.


I made a few long-distance trips with my bicycles:

  • 2010, Nujiang, featuring Dulongjiang.
  • 2011, Tibet, from Gyantang Zong to Lhasa in 12 days.
  • 2013, Wuhan-Xi'an. 800 km in 3 days
  • 2013, Nepal/Tibet, one month through Himalayas to Tibetan plateau.
  • 2014, Alps, featuring Stelvio Pass and Großglockner.
  • 2015, Taiwan circle tour, visiting lighthouses around Taiwan.
  • 2018, Lake Michigan circle tour. 1000-km road bike trip.

Beside these, I have also done weekend cycling trips in Kunming, Hong Kong, Beijing and Los Angeles.

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