yet another naïve

Basic information

Using kmxz or kxzkxz7139 as ID.

Currently a graduate student in UCLA.

Graduated from HKUST in 2015 (BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science).

Born in and in deep love with Kunming, the best city in China.

Worked in Beijing as a full-heap lead developer at ofo.

Blog and contact

Read my abondoned weblog at, mainly written in Simplified Chinese.

I have another weblog which is active. But I won't tell you the address.

Check my selected answers on 知乎.

The most preferred way to contact me is by email to or Google Hangouts with kxzkxz7139[at]


I made a few long cycling trips:

  • 2010 Nujiang

    Featuring Dulongjiang.

  • 2011 Tibet

    From Gyaitang Zong to Lhasa.

  • 2013 Wuhan-Xi'an

    800 km in 3 days with load.

  • 2013 Nepal/Tibet

    Featuring Everest base camp, Shuanghu and lakes.

  • 2014 Alps

    Featuring Stelvio Pass and Großglockner.

  • 2015 Taiwan

    Featuring lighthouses.

I also enjoyed cycling on weekends in different cities:

I always want to upgrade my gears. The following things seems cool, I'll buy them when I become rich enough:

My political views

I tag myself as a left-libertarian.

I support the following political values and movements:

I revolt against the following political values:

I admire the following political heroes:

Don't worry. Still I can live well with my friends who have different political views.


I support the following philosophies:

  • Coding by convention

  • Free software


  • Unix philosophy

I can use the following programming languages well:

  • C++

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Scala

I've also learned other programming languages including Clojure, Erlang, Haskell, MATLAB, OCaml, R and Shell script; however, I'm not familiar enough with them for working yet.

I love those software as they are really handy:

  • Linux

  • Xfce

  • Firefox

  • Foobar2000

  • Shadowsocks

  • Notepad++

  • Intellij IDEA


I possibly have some of the following paraphilias. Try to figure out my FetLife ID if you can.

About this page

This page is styled and animated using pure CSS. No JavaScript is used.

It's responsive and the stylesheet is generated using Less.

I found userboxes on Wikipedia too ugly, so I draw boxes here. Each group is ordered alphabetically.

The background pictures are all taken during my trip to Sylt in 2014.